3 Phenomenal Guerrilla Call-To-Action Marketing Campaigns

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Creating an effective Marketing campaign takes some serious creativity and when it calls people into action in front of a camera, is funny and has viral potential, it’s a winning one.

The Squat Me Free Russian Campaign

A high-tech ticket machine at the Moscow subway station is accepting exercise as the only possible payment: riders that want a free ticket can choose to pull off 30 squats or 30 lunges in front of the integrated camera. The initiative was implemented to promote 2014 Winter Olympic Games taking place in Sochi, Russia, from February 27th to the 23rd. So get in shape, russian folks, your wallet – and your body – will thank you.

The Slide Me Through Campaign

Volskwagen triggered some moves too building the so called “Fast Lane” red slide next to the stairs of a metro station in 2010. Commuters who wanted to take the plunge and avoid escalator and elevator altogether had to perform the stunt. Children seemed to be the happiest.

The Keep Pushing The Button Campaign

In an era where people love to click on digital buttons such as Like, Follow and Share, Fantastic Delites, a snack company in Australia, simply placed a machine in the street with a red button waiting to be pushed to disclose the next challenge. Who completed the challenge won a snack pack. But how far would you go to get a free snack?

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