It’s Pretty, It’s Delicious, It’s Your Favorite Apple Cake

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Today I’ll present two versions of the apple cake. The first one is a richer recipe for a special occasion: it will make you proud in front of your guests because it’s not only delicious, it’s also beautiful. The second recipe is for a lighter cake in the doughnut shape, easier to bake and ideal for breakfast.

Let’s begin with the richer version, you’ll need more apples for this one.


Butter (125 gr)
Unbleached Wheat Flour (250 gr)
Brown Sugar (125 gr)
3 Brown Eggs
1 pack (16 gr) Yeast Bread of Angels for sweets
Whole Cow Milk 130 ml
4 big yellow apples (700 gr)
Grated skin of one (organic) lemon
One Vanilla bean


Melt the butter and work it till soft. Then add the eggs, both the yolks and the whites, one by one; you won’t need to beat the egg whites for this cake. Add the sugar and a pinch of salt and keep mixing.

Cut a vanilla bean in half on the long side, extract the black dense powder with a knife and add it to the mix. Then sift the flour and pour the milk little by little and stir till you reach a thick consistency: you will have to lay apple slices on top of the mix so make sure that this is firm enough to hold the apple slices (but not too dense).

Cut the apples into thin slices (half an inch or to taste), pour the mixture into a springform 9-inch pan with removable sides that you previously oiled. Finally position each slice on top of the cake starting with the external circle. Keep placing the slices in circle till the entire cake has been covered.

Apple Cake

Apple cake


The second recipe is one I’m really proud of. It’s very simple, but it’s an original italian recipe that my mom gave me after learning it from my Auntie Ersilia, the coolest grannie you’ll ever meet.

Apple doughnut


Butter 7/8 Cups (200 gr)
Unbleached Wheat Flour 2 1/2 Cups (300 gr)
Brown Sugar 1 Cup (200 gr)
4 Brown Eggs
1 pack (16 gr) Yeast Bread of Angels for sweets
2 big yellow apples
Grated skin of one (organic) lemon


Work the butter for three to five minutes till foamy. Add the brown sugar and keep working it. Add the egg yolks, one by one, sift the flour and the yeast into the bowl and keep mixing (pour a little milk if it’s too dense to mix).

In the meantime, remove the skin from the apples and cut them into small cubes or thin slices as you prefer. Put the apple pieces aside after sprinkling them with a few drops of fresh lemon juice so they won’t get dark.

Let’s then pass to the egg whites, one of the most important phases in the making of any high cake. See here how to get your egg whites whipped to perfection. Once the egg whites are nicely whipped, go ahead and add them to the blend, mixing it slowly from bottom to top with a wooden spoon. Then add the apple cubes/slices to the mixture.

Finally pour the mix into a cake pan (4 or 5 inches high with a hole), previously oiled and sprinkled with flour.

Cook in the oven at 395°F (200°C) for 15 minutes, making sure not to open the oven before then (the cake would sit on itself and lose its volume).

The cake will double its size; you can check if it’s ready poking it as usual very delicately with a wooden stick or toothpick: if the stick comes out wet, the cake still needs a few minutes in the oven. But remember to always keep an eye on the color as the main indicator to see if your cake is ready.

Let the cake sit for a few minutes, then remove it from the pan and finish it with powdered sugar.

To make the second cake even lighter you can use half butter and half coconut butter or extra virgin olive oil. It’s very important to use organic lemons since you’ll exclusively use the skin, which, when not organic, can contain pesticides and dangerous chemicals.


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