Positive Thinking

The Quest Of Life

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What’s the meaning of life?

What’s the bottom line, the reason why, the boost that keeps us going…or that doesn’t.

We have to define it for ourselves, the quest will be different every time, different for each one of us. And many don’t even take it as a quest at all, but they just try to fill the time, indulging in the material – the so called benefits of life – enjoying socialization without actually ever connecting with others on a deeper level, not paying attention. Suddenly we are over 30 or 40 and we feel like the race is over. We settle, we compromise, we find ourselves bored and trapped into the every day life, with bills to pay, a job that doesn’t satisfy us and annoying responsibilities.

“Living the now” has its perks, therefore absolutely go for it. Although, use part of your time to think about the future and make a plan. Of course life will alter our plans, but at least we exercise our right to choose, giving ourselves options.
When planning an event, we say “if something can go wrong, it will go wrong”. I would say it’s the same in life: our future never happens completely as planned.

But we still try. We still have to believe that we can achieve anything we work hard for. This is not just positive thinking, which, by the way, will get you further than stress and gloom,

 This is the quest of life.

Positive Thinking

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